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    • Diane Grapentin


  2. Fishing Fool

    Two years ago my son and I heard about big walleyes being caught in Wyandotte at a place called two rocks on the Detroit river from a friend of my sons. He told us that we needed to use 3/4oz. lead head and a Wyandotte worm. So we loaded up the boat and googled the ramp location. It took us a few hours to get there, but it was truly amazing I have been fishing just over 50 years now and have never caught walleyes like this. Our smallest walleye was 4.5lbs. and our biggest was just over 14lbs. and the average walleye was 8-10lbs” Wow” do these Wyandotte worms work! We tried to use other rubber worms but we could not get the walleyes to hit them. Now every year we Hit the Detroit river for big walleyes it is most definitely a world class fishery. As soon as the ice has cleared out of the river we start making trips for Hog eyes, at least that’s what we call them.

    • Diane Grapentin

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